For over 580 years, Gyumed Tantric University have cultivated outstanding monks and Geshes with excellent education and monastic precepts.
For the preservation of Buddha and Nalanda teaching and carrying on the prominent masters’ teachings on Sutra and Tantra from Snowland in Tibet,
Gyudmed the contribution is immeasurable.

In the fast-changing era, when the society’s main stream is that people chase material prosperity,
the monks in Gyumed Tantric University still adhere to the tradition and precepts.
They follow Buddha Shakyamuni and their masters' advices and teachings.
They try very hard to conquer difficulties, obstacles,
as well as language and culture barriers to establish Buddhism learning centers to give teachings and hold rituals to create the opportunities for people to learn Buddhism and gain refreshment for their souls.
The bodhicitta manifested in these deeds can be broadly spread to benefit one’s own and others.

In addition to southern India, Dharamsala and Lhasa, there are also Buddhist dharma centers, societies and institutes with Gyumed Tantric University’s Geshes and monks preaching Buddhism in the US, Taiwan, Russia, and other places.