In the fourth month of Tibetan calendar in year 1959,
the monks of Gyumed Tantric University followed His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama to north India.
After 1972, Gyumed Tantric University was built in Gurupura of Hunsur in south India,
providing studying for Buddhism for monks around the world and to people with the opportunity to learn,
carrying on Buddha's Sutra and Tantra as well as transmitting masters’ teachings from one generation to another.
Two major schools reigned in Gyumed Tantric University,
one is "School for Higher Studies and Practice in Sutra and Tantra", and the other is "School of Snowland Tibetan Studies".
The former is for monks, while the latter was established for the layman to learn Buddhism under the advice of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.
While His Holiness the Dalai Lama attended the opening ceremony for the new school building in Gyumed Tantric University on January 8, 2007, he lauded that the new building for " School for Higher Studies and Practice in Sutra and Tantra " was a great achievement. However, he also addressed: “the current school was only for monks. Also, the three major Geluk monasteries didn't have a school that cater to the layman who are studying Buddhism. Therefore, I suggested Gyumed Tantric University build another Buddhism school for the lay practitioners with an international view. Thus, Tibet, the successor of the entire of Nalanda Tradition from ancient India, has an opportunity to spread Buddhism to the world, and to the people who are sincere in learning it. This sure will bring vast benefits and help to the rest of the world."

Under the circumstance, Gyumed Tantric University started planning the curriculum, classrooms, equipment, construction, infrastructure and other matters for the international school since May 1, 2007. The construction work of the school was completed and started running on April 28, 2010. The first Buddhism course was given by Geshe Tsering Tashi, the principle. His Holiness the Dalai Lama attended the opening and dedication ceremony on December 7, 2011, and it was officially titled " School of Snowland Tibetan Studies".
"School of Snowland Tibetan Studies" offers prominent learning environment and teachers,
accepting and accommodates students from Europe, America, Russia, Magnolia and Asia.
So far, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the current Gaden Tripa (Lobsang Tenzin), Samdhong Rinpoche,
Ling Rinpoche, Kundeling Rinpoche, and other eminent monks and the international super star Richard Gere
who spare no efforts in Tibetan culture preservation and support human rights all came here and gave Buddhism teaching and speeches.