Gyumed Tantric University cooperates with Department of Religion & Culture in the Central Tibetan Administration
to offer an opportunity for advance study to colleague graduates who are interested in studying Buddhism philosophy
and Tibetan language in School of Snowland Tibetan Studies, Gyumed Tantric University.
Until 2019, the program has been operating for six years. Many graduates have been trained and become more competent now.
After completing their studies, many of them continue to stay and work for the school for promoting Tibetan culture and Buddhism to ensure that the tradition can be preserved and will be passed on.

School of Snowland Tibetan Studies is inside the campus of Gyumed Tantric University.
There are two adjacent buildings forming the shape of “L” on campus.
After entering the main gate, there is a building on the left which includes classrooms, reading rooms, and student dining rooms.
The dormitory is in the front of the building. In addition, the school’s monument is located in the central square between the two buildings.

If you stay here for a while, you will find that its atmosphere is so different from North India and Dharamsala.
There are no tourists and business men here.
You will meet Buddhists from different places in the world who come here for studying Buddhism Sutra and Tibetan language.