Rebuilding Project for Monks Dormitory in Gyudmed Tantric University

Gyudmed Tantric University, rebuilt in 1972, in Hunsur, Gurupura, south India, is meant to provide monks and lay practitioners around the world with a comprehensive study on Buddhism Dharma. It continues the researches of Buddhist Sutra and Tantra, and preserves Buddhist doctrines and great masters’ teachings as well. In the monastery, there are serious leakage problems in some buildings constructed with bricks and wood 40 years ago, especially in the monk’s dormitories. When it rains heavily, water seeps from roof and walls, and leaves fall into their rooms. Moreover, the current dormitory capacity can no longer accommodate the significant increase of monks year by year. Residential problems have become an urgent need for improvement. Therefore, the rebuilding project for improving residential environment for monks brooks no delay. Now, one-fourth of the rebuilding project has been completed since 2016 with the efforts of the monastery and the support from generous donators throughout the world. The rest is still under construction. Some of the old dormitories are scheduled to be torn down in August, 2019, and then be rebuilt in September. The rebuilding project is not only for the accommodation of the abbot, associate abbot and resident monks, but also geshes graduated from the three Great Geluk monasteries each year. As a consequence, a persistent influx towards the rebuilding fund is indispensable to accomplish the project.

Hereby, we sincerely invite you to participate in this project with cordial supports via generous donations, so as to provide a better learning environment and accommodation for these dedicated monks. Please feel free to contact us if needed. We appreciate your supports and are looking forward to hearing from you.


Progress of program:

Project Donation: Link for Japanese.