Peace Clinic of Gyudmed Tantiric University Socieity

“Peace Clinic of Gyudmed Tantiric University Society” started construction on February 11, 2021; and opened officially on November 19 of the same year. The opening ceremony was held by His Excellency 104th Gaden Tri Rinpoche Jetsun Lobsang Tenzin. The construction funds and all subsequent software and hardware equipment (including transportation vehicles) raised a total of 11,012,969 rupees (1.5 million rupees of which is used as the clinic's working capital). Fundraising and construction were planned by Geshe Tsering Tashi, the 21st Head of Supervisor of Gyudmed Tantric University. Donations being received from Taiwan, Singapore, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Thailand. 

At present, doctors give medical treatment regularly. Every Tuesday is for Western medicine doctor; every Thursday is Tibetan medicine doctor. The rest of the time, the clinic also employs a full-time nurse who can contact the doctor for patients, collect medicines, or provide emergency treatment. Due to the inconvenient location of the Gyudmed Tantric University, the establishment of the clinic provides easy access for the monastic patients, especially the elders with limited mobility; also the rush and commute between monastery and hospital can be avoided.

From May 1st, 2022, Geshe Lhundup Tsundue serves as the first Director of the Peace Clinic of Gyudmed. With Geshe's rich administrative experience which now being coupled with dedicated colleagues in the clinic and support from public, we hope that the establishment of the Peace Clinic of Gyudmed will provide a better medical environment and facilities for monks, of course, in the future, it can also be extended to local Tibetan lay people or poor Indian residents.

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