Snowland Café (Gangchen Café)

In order to provide an area for interaction and relaxation for teachers and students in School of Snowland Tibetan Studies, so as to monks in Gyudmed Tantric University, the Snowland Café which belons to School of Snowland Tibetan Studies was built in 2020 suggested by masters and funded by public/ sponsors.


Snowland Café is located across from School of Snowland Tibetan Studies, next to Gyudmed Peace Clinic. The café has its own independent building with characters and a beautiful garden. The operation for the business officially starts from Feb. 7, 2020.


Since the business starts from 2020, it gradually gains reputation in Tibetan settlements in the South India. Many Tibetans live nearby will bring their families’ members come here for get togethers in the evening and weekends. Currently much more Indian families come to the café to enjoy the special drinks and deserts, like coffee, fresh brewed juice, Lassi (a classic Indian yogurt), assorted milk shakes, cheese cake, tsampa cake, veggie pizza, etc. Snowland Café becomes well known among the Indian residents for its Tibetan character and a must visit site for check-in via social media.


The cakes and deserts are mainly baked by the teachers in School of Snowland Tibetan Studies; with unique tastes and are refined. Overall, the café is managed by the teachers and people from School of Snowland Tibetan Studies. We expect and welcome more international students to come here in the future. And the café will emerge as a brand embracing cultural and creativeness. The café not only offers an opportunity for the public to experience the Tibetan and Indian culture, but also a place where teachers and students can go for learning and discussion, and Tibetan and Indian residents can relax and socialize here. In addition, you can also purchase the “Gyudmed Purification Incense”: Radiant Ground Incense and Joyous Ground Incense, handmade with traditional method by Gyudmed Tantric University.


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