Gyumed Tantric University features Tantric teachings.
There are two types of students:

The first types of students pass the Great Three Geluk Monastery (Sera, Ganden and Drepung) examinations and are entitled Geshe degree, they are called "Ramjangpa".
Geshe "Ramjangpa" need to learn tantra for at least 1 year in Gyumed Tantric University.
After finishing their studies, some Geshe "Ramjangpa" will continue to stay in Gyumed Tantric University.
They do retreat, study or teach in order to have more comprehensive understanding of Tantra.

The second type of students enroll in Gyumed Tantric University for the degree of Girampa or Lama Jupa.
In addition to learning and reciting the scriptures, they also have to study at School for Higher Studies and Practice in Sutra and Tantra.
Currently, it requires 15 years to complete the study.
(learning Sutra for 10 years, Tantra 5 years)
The monks who pass the advanced stage examination are entitled Geshe Ngarampa, the highest level of Geshe degree.